Currently FFS only provides equity to English language feature films with budgets between $10-80 million, commercial worldwide, and qualified for release in China. (For information about what qualifies as a China co-production please see Sino-Foreign Co-Production). Investment sometimes includes co-finance with Chinese studios and guaranteed release in China.

FFS has several Chinese equity backers led by the China’s third largest media company Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation. FFS also represents JSBC in its investments outside of China.

Our recent investments include a slate of animated films co-financed with Canadian finance and production company MediaBiz International including the large-budget films Genesis and Starbridge, which are to be distributed theatrically in the US by Broad Green Pictures and internationally by Disney’s Buena Vista Distribution.

FFS does not provide equity to films with production budgets less than $10 million nor to films that are not inherently commercial in China.